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About Us

Egy Truck for Generators is operating in the Egyptian market for 20 years. Selling generators and renting electrical generators in all capacities from 20 k to 2000 k. We work to satisfy our clients, we are the largest rental company for selling generators as well as selling diesel compressors.


Sales services

Egy Truck sells the latest generators (soundproof and standard) in all capacities, new and used abroad.

We sell diesel compressors.


:: Rental Services ::

The company rents generators of all capacities to suit all services and customers. It rents generators from 20 k to 2000 k. We have a fleet of the best generators (Egy Truck for generator rental)

from 45 to 2000 KV, standard and soundproof.

:: Our advantages::

Meeting customer needs in the fastest time with the best service via a professional team.

We work in all Egypt in selling and renting generators.

:: Trademarks ::

:: Gallery ::

Sundays through Thursdays;

9:00 am to 9:00 pm

135 El Khaleeg Tower, Maryoteya, Haram, Giza
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